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ABDP is comprised of a tight-nit group of very talented and professional people. Our music video production services are very affordable and can be tailored to fit most any budget, from the limited budget to the large budget Music Videos. At "A Barking Dog Production" we combine our technical expertise with our keen aesthetic sense to produce high quality music videos.

Contact us today to see how we can create for you a professional music video and within a budget you can afford.

Rock Music Video Demo & Afraid of What's to Come

Length: 3:03 Rating:

Description: A fast Rock Music Video that was shot in less then one day on location in New Orleans, Louisiana. Contact

Massive Impact Montage

Length: 1:20 Rating:

Rock Music Video Description: This is a collection of a few Music Videos from different Genre's aka Rock / Country / Pop / Hip-Hop / Metal / Gospel / Other. Contact

Rock Music Video Services Areas

Greater New Orleans, Baton Rouge, & Alexandria, Louisiana - Houston & Beaumont, Texas - Jackson, Hattiesburg, Laurel, Vicksburg, & Laurel Mississippi - Memphis, Nashville, Branson, & Pigeon Forge, Tennessee - Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Montgomery, Alabama - Pensacola, Destin, Panama City Beach, Apalachicola, Port St. Joe, Tallahassee, Miami & Fort Walton, Florida - Atlanta Georgia, Los Angeles & San Diego, California - New York, New York - Chicago, Illinois, & National to International.